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Guiding care providers to alleviate neuronal disorders



With life expectancy’s increase, many of us will suffer from or know someone with a neuronal disorder. NeuroTargeting’s objective is to provide the technology to assist care providers in helping their patients to recover a normal life while building the knowledge to help find cures.

NeuroTargeting was founded in 2007 by Pierre-Francois D’Haese, PhD., Benoit Dawant, PhD. and Peter Konrad, M.D PhD. Neurotargeting, LLC emerged from more than a decade of research performed at Vanderbilt University and supported by NIH funding focused on solving such issues. From this research emerged a unique system called Cranialvault connecting some of the active groups researching the new potential of DBS such as Vanderbilt University, Ohio State University, Wake Forest University and the VA in Richmond.

With a unique research relationship with its partners, NeuroTargeting has built a disruptive software platform. By linking care providers, neuroscience centers and device manufacturers, NeuroTargeting aims at improving patients’ care experience and life.




NeuroTargeting’s mission is
to organize, enrich and integrate neurological data
to improve patient care.


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