About Neurotargeting

Neurotargeting specializes in developing innovative digital health solutions for neurodegenerative disorders. With a team comprising both physicians and engineers, we have designed a system that integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows, EHR, and PACS, providing a cohesive view of multiple data sources for enhanced patient outcome tracking and decision-making.

Our Services

  • Digital Health Platforms for Neurological Disorders
  • Seamless Integration with Clinical Flow, EHR, and PACS
  • Advanced Neuro Imaging and Analytics
  • Longitudinal Patient Data Traceability and Outcomes Analysis
  • Clinical trial platform featuring imaging collection and processing all around the world
  • AI-Enhanced Decision Support and Novel Technology Integration

Our Founders

Meet the visionary team behind Neurotargeting, combining expertise in engineering, medicine, and academia.

Peter E Konrad

Peter E Konrad, MD PhD

CMO, neurosurgeon leader, chair of neurosurgery at the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute. Specializes in DBS, pain management, and BCI. Past president of NANS and vice president of ION.

Ashwini Sharan

Ashwini Sharan, MD

Neurosurgeon and visionary. Specializes in stroke and epilepsy treatment. Past president of NANS and CNS, bringing a wealth of medical expertise to Neurotargeting.

Pierre-Francois D'Haese

Pierre-Francois D'Haese, PhD

CEO, engineer with 20+ years in imaging analytics, digital health, integration with clinical flow. Treasurer and secretary of the Ion Institute of Neuromodulation and Associate Professor of Neuroradiology, Bioinformatics.

Benoit Dawant

Benoit Dawant, PhD

Senior Professor of Engineering EECS. Expert in imaging analytics, contributing significantly to the field of digital health technology.

Latest News

Stay updated with the latest developments and insights from Neurotargeting.

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Our Valued Customers


“When Huntington Study Group® decided to create the world’s first direct-to-participant observational study platform specifically for Huntington’s disease, we were thrilled to have Neurotargeting as our collaborators. Their expertise in both digital health solutions and neurodegenerative disorders made them a perfect match for our project. Neurotargeting’s vision, skills, and guidance, combined with their ability to meet all objectives on time and within budget, ensured the success of our pilot study. Neurotargeting’s work has exceeded our expectations, and we are confident in their abilities to continue anticipating our needs as we launch additional studies with expanded requirements. We look forward to continuing to work together to improve the lives of people impacted by Huntington’s disease. ”

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